Fits Snuggly

Fits snuggly regardless of the position or movement of the hand

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Maintains a Powerful Grip

Maintains a powerfull grip and supports the hand firmly, even after extende use.

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Practically Waterproof

Absorbs persperation and dries quickly, preventing hands from becoming damp.

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KDR Fox Shop Sport Gloves

New Generation Golf Glove

Multi-Flexible material WORLD WIDE PATENT; Washable & Breathable

  • Multi-directional material
  • Non-slip
  • All weather
  • Quick drying breathable material
  • Deodorizing and antibacterial coating
  • Machine washable
  • Enhanced durability with unmatched grip performance

The anti-bacterial material contain properties of excellent hydrophobicity, wicking, rapid drying, stain resistance, humectation, low density, is soft to touch etc., with extensive and permanent bacterial resistance.

Comes in various colors. (limited supply)